Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Designing a New World, with outdated practices?

I have a theory is that in this globalized world each country and a region plays it's role, to keep the balance of power in this world in place. Not the right and fair balance, but that of the greedy world elite that was established after WW2.

In a globalized economy money and capita flow around the world and each country is meant to have it's share,some more some much less. Each state must set up an economic model that will play a role in the global financial system.

Some will have their workforce low-paid so companies from all over the world can move there and escape paying high wages of the countries that they are established. What better way in having always a low paid workforce that do not ask you for higher salaries, don't strike and it is grateful for any type of working conditions.

Some regions like Africa on the other hand are meant to be poor. They are so rich in resources that if they got their act together and developed their economies , the goods that they sell to the rich nations would cost more. So they would eventually be richer than them.

Other countries like Switzerland are to be forever "neutral" and rich. Because there lies the money of all the tax evading rich and corrupt politicians,stolen by the taxes of people. That is how the country is rich and like some other tax havens around the world (Monaco,Liechtenstein,and many small island nations in the Pacific) will remain so.

Have a look at countries like Argentina. It used to have a thriving economy, that could challenge USA in the South America. What happened there? A dictatorship that they have never recovered from it. The same happened in Spain and Greece. In the case of Greece the Junta was supported by USA, and they have admitted to that.

If you want to control a country or a region, promote or establish a junta or a totalitarian regime. In that way you have control of the region and even if the regime is kicked out, the damage that is done to the country lasts for decades.

Now-days we see the total control and aggregation of power from the parliaments to the banking sector and rating agencies. The fates of the citizens are in the hands of financial speculators and our governments are listening to their advice, rather to the needs of the people. Who gives the power to some financiers to "rate" nations, advise investors which countries are good to invest or not?

Thus making whole nations, their people and their resources something to trade with in the stock market, a place that you can make or lose money. How ethical is to decide which nation can receive money to support a good economy, and who should face decades of poverty or even total destruction?

Wonder about all this and you will realize that we are living in a virtual reality.A Matrix, just as the movie was mentioning. It is time to wake up and refuse to be property of the global markets, the bankers and the financiers of this world. I dream of a world that is equal, prosperous, is advancing in the future united and is looking after all the people sharing this planet.

They dream of a world divided and whoever opposes them or does not agree with them, endures the mud throwing of the media that are controlled by them. A world that they control and run for the benefit of the few.

Europe for example is ruled in an undemocratic way. With "intergovernmental-ism," that people have no knowledge of what their governments compromise for their behalf, when in international summits. Rich established elites and lobbies in every country, make sure that the status quo remain on a national level.

But most of our elites are interconnected, through EU and other organizations, the banking system and global trade. So it is not hard to see how apart the national level, there is a status quo on an international level. No wonder our leaders prefer to save the banks and let them go unpunished, rather place all effort in solving the financial and social issues that trouble our countries.

If we want to make our voices heard and our interests secured, then the only option is to join them in their game. They desire globalization to maximize their profits? Well we are going to give it to them but with our own wishes taken in consideration. By uniting our voices and demanding more democracy on European and global level, we can achieve that. Hold them accountable and have a say in international politics, not just local.

A more democratic EU, Europe and international organizations is the first step of transparency. We can have a say in the New World they are trying to create. We should not allow them to use the old practice of divide and rule, if we all get involved and cooperate together we are stronger.

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