Sunday, April 22, 2018

The world community must step in to stop the war in Syria...And that excludes USA, Russia, Britain and France!
On Friday the 13th of April, USA, France and Britain have finally bombarded Syria, despite Russian threats and objections. The move comes months after the alleged poisoning of the Skripals in the UK, plus an overall build-up of tensions between the West and Russia.

Accusations and counter-accusations, denying, lying and propaganda from both sides and their media, have done very little to help end the war, which been raging for 7 years now. After an estimated death toll of 400,000 people, plus a country in absolute ruin, the international community still hasn't managed to stop this bloodshed.

I won't even bother taking sides or put the blame on who started it, which side is right or wrong, or justify the involvement of either Russia or USA, France and Britain in this conflict. Their participation was alleged to help end this war, but it is obvious that either side is really interested in this.

Both want to protect their own interests in the region, or the interests of their allies, like Israel, Iran and Saudi Arabia, who are also involved in this messy conflict.

The point is that the time is ticking and by now, the world has lost and failed a whole generation of Syrians. We have let a country to be destroyed, consumed by geopolitics, foreign and internal interests, greed, power mongering and petty religious and ethnic politics in the Middle East.

On top of that, we deny this generation protection or help, we stigmatize them and we close the doors to them. We have failed them again and again and any civilized human being would be ashamed of its kind right now.

The Western allies had no authority to bombard Syria, no mandate by their own parliaments nor the UN and the international community. They just did so to make a point to Russia, which similarly did not have a UN support either to take action in Syria.

One can, of course, blame Russia for its involvement in this conflict, however, how can the West have the nerve to accuse the Russians of their actions, since they have done the same if not worse in the past? They lied about the true reasons behind their involvement in the destabilization of most of the region's countries, yet now they disagree and point the finger when Russia is taking action.

Still, it was the West which initially opened the bag of Aeolus, by its constant meddling and siding with the Saudi's or the Israelis and their interests in the region.  So it is futile to even enter into a conversation about the reasons that led to this war.

That comes to little help or consolation to the Syrians, which right now they need to get their country back. And it is becoming obvious that this isn't anywhere in the near future.

The only solution is if other nations, like China, India, Japan, Switzerland, Sweden or any other of the neutral and influential countries in this world, step up and stand against both Western and Russian interests, or those of their allies in the region, putting an end to this conflict.

It is becoming obvious that the UN in its current form is paralyzed and useless. It is only a reflection of the world's division between the West and everyone who is challenging its hegemony, thus constituting the necessity for its urgent reformation.

Under its present arrangement, no conflict that falls under the interests of the USA, its allies or their enemies can ever be resolved or peace to be re-established, unless of course as the Russians have put it, the Americans step in and impose it by military force, acting like the police of this planet. In the past, the US even ignored in numerous cases the UN's decision and invaded countries anyway.

This has to change. We need new players around the globe, to challenge and change the current status-quo, for the sake of the future generations. There should be an active involvement of diplomats that are impartial from either side's interests, independent, to step in and solve conflicts such as this, by discussing and mediating with the two conflicting sides, not the foreign powers which have interests in the region.

That is why we need a multi-polar world now more than ever, new blocks and countries to become more active and vocal, limiting the power and its abuse by the established leading "first world" nations or those who oppose them.

What we are witnessing is only the beginning, a new cold war between two old hostile blocks that have nearly ruined the world in the past. We can not let them do it again in our generation.

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