Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Are Europeans mature enough, for true equality for LGBT individuals?

Alan Mathison Turing was a British pioneering computer scientist, mathematician, logician, and cryptanalyst who, working during World War II, succeeded with his team in cracking the “Enigma code” used by the Nazi command to conduct covert communication operations.

Because of Turing and his colleagues’ efforts,there is now general agreement that they shortened the war by at least two years, saving an estimated 17 million lives. Prime Minister Winston Churchill singled out Turing as the person whose work contributed the most to defeating the Germans.(LGBT Nation).

Turing was considered to be the father of modern computer science and was most famous for his work in helping to create the "bombe" that cracked messages enciphered with the German Enigma machines.

He was convicted of gross indecency in 1952 after admitting a sexual relationship with a man.

He was given experimental chemical castration as a "treatment". His criminal record resulted in the loss of his security clearance and meant he was no longer able to work for Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), where he had been employed following service at Bletchley Park during the war. He died of cyanide poisoning in 1954, aged 41.(The Guardian)

Alan Turing,was finally granted a posthumous royal pardon in 2013 – 61 years after he was charged at Manchester police station over homosexual activity. (The Independent) It came after years of campaigning from LGBT groups and his living family relatives.

Subsequently this gave way for the "Alan Turing law,"that will effectively act as an apology to those convicted for consensual same-sex relationships, before homosexuality was decriminalized in England and Wales in 1967. (The Independent)

The reality for LGBT people is not too different today, despite becoming much better. Although we have established ever increasing freedoms and equality, things are still very fragile. 

With all the Far Right political parties gaining support all over Europe, it won't be hard to turn the tables and go backwards again. Because LGBT people are still discriminated upon, even in the most progressive nations. 

Being able to marry or live openly as a gay/bisexual person or having a gay pride, although a huge step forward, is not areal equality, rather acceptance and tolerance. A long road from the true goal that would allow all the Turings of this world to make it a better place to live.

Do we currently have numerous openly gay politicians, but also scientists, thinkers, people of influence that could change the world, or would any of you vote for an openly gay president?

Having a camp individual on the television and laughing at his antics or being amused by them is not tolerance and acceptance. You are stereotyping a whole group of people, making it difficult for great minds like Turing to showcase their effort and true goal, to prove that being gay is not all camp and laughs and drag.

Would you respect an openly gay person to represent you and your nation in international affairs, or would you admire an openly gay person enough for them to lead the country, teach your children, manage you at work, become a professor and a religious leader?

Or would you always prefer a stereotypical gay caricature to amuse you every Saturday night on the television? Think about it.

LGBT individuals will never be truly accepted and equal in our world, as long as they have to "come out" to everyone about their sexuality, as if they have to gain our acceptance, or rather permission to be who they are.

No "straight" individual has to explain themselves about their sexual orientation, beg for acceptance from their parents, explain themselves why, or fight for respect at work or school environment.

They can never be equals, as long as we stereotype them, inevitably and subconsciously creating a certain role for them to play in our societies, limiting their potential.

Nor they can have equality when they have to go to a ghetto bar or club, to find a potential partner or often socialize only with other LGBT individuals because the mainstream society rejects them.

We have created a very stereotyped image of them in our media and popular culture, which has to change. But for that to be achieved, humanity as a whole needs to come to terms with its true nature and sexuality.

Because it is not just the LGBT people that need to be liberated from gender stereotypes and roles, it is every single one of us.

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