Saturday, September 10, 2011

A rogue statelet of Europe, ridicules the whole continent.

It has been 20 years since the independence of FYROM, or the "Macedonian" state and the occasion has been celebrated throughout the country. But with an on-going dispute between the country and Greece about its name and Bulgaria about its language, this country seems to be followed by problems but supported by the powerful.

At their national celebrations on their independence day, they gathered around the statue of Alexander the Great, "cleverly" named as "The warrior on a horse" to avoid challenging Greece, wearing ancient Macedonian soldier uniforms for the men and high priestesses for the women.

The statue of Alexander the Great cost millions of euros to build, in a country that unemployment and poverty are ravaging the people. Instead of trying to create jobs, work on their EU accession commitments and solve their issues with their neighboring countries of Greece and Bulgaria, never mind the inter community differences, they prefer wasting money on a propaganda. They are trying desperately to create some sense of an ethnic coherence and historic continuation, by stealing other nations' heritage.

And not just from Greece but from Bulgaria as well, since building a statue of Alexander the Great was not enough, they have now one of the Bulgarian Czar Samuel, also claimed to be "Macedonian." They were parading in their main squares with flags that include the Greek and Bulgarian parts of the European region of Macedonia, yet they refuse to admit that they have any territorial interest in these regions.

They were also using Greek symbols like the Sun of Vergina as their own again, never mind the fact that the crowds that gathered in those national day celebrations were shouting anti-Greek slogans. And Greece's European partners are still interested in admitting this country in EU.

This country is ruled by the megalomaniac lunatic Mr Gruevski, who rules the country in no different way that Gadaffi ruled Libya, or Kim Jong-Il rules North Korea. He and his government are trying to convince both their nationals and the global community that the real threat comes from Greece, when they are the ones who are lying to their people and deprive them of any prosperity and a chance to enter the European community.

They have created a rogue state in Europe, preaching a false history and modern reality to their nationals, while keep attacking Greece with propaganda in any international event, media, organization, forum or gathering they can find. Their expatriate communities are also taking part in all this, especially those from Australia, Canada and the USA.

When in a recent exhibition in Britain, British historians admitted the Greek heritage and history of Ancient Macedonia, Europeans are still ignorant about it and support the idea that Greece should give its position up and allow this state to enter the European family. And the only purpose of this is so that a number of hardcore federalists, can fulfill their new map of a United Europe with all states being in it.

Macedonia should be a region of Europe, not a country or a nation. There is no Macedonian language, these people speak a Bulgarian dialect and here comes their dispute with Bulgaria itself. My mother is a native Greek Macedonian, that are indigenous to the region. There are Greek Macedonians, Slavic Macedonians and Albanian Macedonians in modern Macedonia, a region of Europe that is comprised by many ethnic groups, so none should be monopolizing its name.

The heritage though of the ancient Kingdom of Macedon remains with Greece,as is the heritage of all ancient regions that the Greeks once lived like Sicily, their colonies in Asia Minor and throughout the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. And that is non negotiable.

Unfortunately such obvious solution is not promoted to the European citizens because of the vested interests of certain groups and the role of the media. Countries like Turkey, the Netherlands, USA and the UK who have heavily invested in FYROM, support their cause in order to make money out of their trade with their country.

Turkey especially is very active in the region, to promote and safeguard its interests in the Southern Balkans. An enemy of my enemy is my friend and so the Turks are very involved in FYROM, as well as in Albania and other countries in the region with Muslim populations. The reasons are of course very obvious. 

Like Kosovo, FYROM is supported by these foreign investors and the international community. These new nations of Europe could not support themselves after their secession from the former Yugoslavia. But the corrupt Gruevski administration uses these money for propaganda and not to better their citizens' living conditions.

As if it is more important to prove to themselves and the World that they are the descendants of Alexander the Great, rather becoming a rich and prosperous country. That makes them an ideal EU candidate state naturally.

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