Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Unholy Alliance.

Recently a flotilla that was aiming to reach Palestine packed with aid, was stopped by the Greek authorities. There is a general ban and condemnation of such flotillas by the UN, EU, USA and Russia since last year's tragic death of the Turkish activists on a similar boat, trying to break Israel's embargo and supply with aid to the Palestine territories.

Have we reached the point of forbidding aid to people in need, just because they are on the other side of an argument? The Palestinians suffer for so many decades now, with the shameful tolerance and approval of the West, just because our desire to support the state of Israel.

It is undeniable that the Arab nations must accept that the Israeli state will continue to exist and stop any attack or provocation. But that does not entitle Israel to ignore all agreements and human rights and continuously expand the occupied territory, with the threat of a terror attack as an excuse.

They prevent giving aid to people deprived not only of our standards of living but if we think about it, living in a huge concentration camp. I wonder if the ancestors of the modern Israelis, would approve the existence of their so much desired state on the misery of other people?

The fact that the Jews were so badly treated in the past by many European states, does not justify their behavior towards the Palestinians today. A nation can show virtue in their culture by not treating others as others have treated them.

The need for Israel to exist is supported by Europe, America and most of the World. They will never win over the Arabs with new occupied lands and blockades of the Gaza strip. They won't find peace while continuously expanding their settlements in Palestine.

If they feel threatened by the Arabs, they have America's and Europe's support. There is no need to use their power and influence in the American lobbies to continue the bullying and the impoverishment of over a million people.

The aid is a sign that people outside the region of Middle East are empathizing with the Palestinians on a humanitarian level, not a sign of antisemitism. And what is Israel telling them? The Israelis think that they can use their powerful allies and manipulate the European public opinion and our leaders continue their tolerance of Israel's blockade.

Other nations suffered deaths by their millions, torture, abuse, and genocides over the recent history of Europe. The Greeks that suffered huge loses during the Balkan wars, the Asia Minor disaster and the two World Wars. The Armenians were massacred by the Ottomans, the Ukrainians by the Soviets and the Polish by the Nazis in WW2.

If any of the above nations committed the actions that Israel is committing on any other ethnic group, I am sure that America and the European elites would be condemning them and put pressure or sanctions against them. The example of Serbia leaves no doubts.

Israel on the other hand not only enjoys their support, but they can virtually do whatever they want and even America itself can not control them. Many times they were criticized by a number of American Presidents, notably President Obama, about the new settlements but nothing really changed.

They withdrew from one place only to start establishing their settlements elsewhere. So the Palestinians are remaining poor and the poorer they remain, the more angry and fanatical will become against the Israeli occupation.

When people from other countries want to offer some relief to the Palestinians, not as support of their political beliefs and actions rather as purely humanitarian assistance, Israel comes and acts in such barbaric demeanor. A number of Turkish activists were killed last year yet they continue to insist they are on the right side.

They continue to insist that those flotillas are a threat to them and their national security. Those flotillas do not support the Palestinians, their leaders and the crimes they commit towards Israel, rather offer relief to people that are being caught in the line of fire.

The West has created the Jewish state after centuries of antisemitism in Europe,so its existence is our responsibility too. But we also have responsibility towards the Palestinians, or any ethnic group that lost out so we can settle our problems. In the way we are allowing Israel to take advantage of our support, we are not helping.

Things would be very easy if politicians would not play their games. The problem should have been solved ages ago, if all sides would tick to the original agreement. One side should stop the expansion of the settlements, the other must accept the right of the Israelis to have a country. This generation of Israelis is born and raised there, that is their only home they know. There is no way to move 7 million people anywhere else.

The land belongs to both populations, it is wrong for either of them to claim it as their own. The Palestinians have been living there for centuries, they are natives to these lands. The Israelis were given the right of creating their state, by the United Nations General Assembly. Perhaps instead of partitioning the solution would be uniting the territories and the peoples of the region, which form a multicultural society.

We should examine as a possible solution, the creation of a federal state. Israel sharing power and wealth with the native Palestinians and it could be a win win situation. The Israelis get their peaceful state and the Arabs will be free to have some of their lands back, wealth and prosperity. But this time it is the Israelis that reject it.

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