Sunday, February 6, 2011

Time for pan-European political parties and exchange of political ideas?

In the European Parliament's Facebook page recently I read: "Foreign coaches and players are no news in European sports, like Fabio Capello for example. Foreign politicians are still a big no-no in European politics. 

Can that change with the emergence of truly pan-European parties".

It is about time. If we want a truly united Europe, it is time to start thinking "European". 

For the good and benefit of all the Continent, not just our own little piece of land. Since we are all interconnected, bonded by the Common Market, what happens in one nation affects all others.
If we want to achieve the stability of the Continent an the equal distribution of wealth, opportunities and progress for all its inhabitants, we must start thinking in a collective way. So far, sticking to our national interests and the constant competition between us for resources and wealth, led to Europe relying on investments of foreign multinational companies and the involvement of the Markets. 

It also led to the unequal distribution of wealth, with the western part of the continent being more stable and more prosperous. Europe collectively is not "free" to decide its own social policies in this globalized word.
It is time to have a shake up in Europe's political reality. Bring in new blood of politicians, that do not bow to the national corrupt circles. That perhaps they have new ideas and are not bribed by our local established elites, creating policies that suits them. 

They will be paid to create policies that will benefit the country and its citizens, not continue the political circle that smothers all good ideas, progress and reform. Our national Governments are easily bribed by foreign investors and multinationals, or the local elites and they do not always work for the benefit of the ordinary citizen. 

Especially when the smaller nations are concerned, change can not occur if the more powerful nations do not allow or encourage it. If it is not in their interests to change the balance of power in the continent or promote changes in the country, then changes are very slow. 

The only way to achieve these changes is to promote reforms throughout Europe, in every country collectively. And that can be only done by establishing political parties that will work on that level too. Our national political parties can not serve two masters: our local elites and the benefit of all Europe.

I would love to have a Swede, a German or a Dane as Mayor of my home town Thessaloniki in Greece. The city has so many potentials, but our national politicians follow the same circle of policies that favor the very few. We need to start trusting any competent European politician, either he/she is of our own nationality or not. 

Stop voting for the same established political parties, rather for someone who has the passion, interest and competence to offer solutions and his/her work for the region. And I am sure when faced with this new competition, our national politicians will have to adapt.

By voting on power the same political parties in rotation, nothing really changes in our countries, or Europe. Our continent is suffering from this conservative political reality, but we are the ones to blame. Why not have a foreigner working to fix things in our country, than some "native" politician that will be answerable to a few close partners or supporters? 

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