Friday, October 8, 2010

Bazaar "L'Europe"...!!!

Many euro-sceptics are shouting and demanding that Europe and EU does not proceed into a political union,and nation states do not lose their autonomy and "freedom". To me that is interpreted as "no to a fully functioning European Parliament, if any at all". No governance on European level, rather just trade. An EFTA/EEA kind of thing.

Well if we ignore the fact that any parliament is the base for a functioning democracy, and they accuse of EU not being democratic enough (how odd is that? Accusing for lack of democracy but then you reject the best democratic tool is being given to you), do we really want a Europe that is just a big market?

A big bazaar that companies and multinationals can sell their products and buy things. And we have NO say over what is happening in that market. A market that will affect us all directly since we are this market, while the rules and laws of this liberal "open" market apply to us all!

That is what is Europe at the moment,and see what problems we get. Problems that we have no way of controlling, since our governments do not necessarily advise us of their decisions and how they are going to affect us. The problems are being discussed on an intergovernmental level.

Leaders from all European countries participate in summits and forums, discussing ways of moving forward. But we are not informed on what is being discussed or asked for our opinion.

Isn't it better to have a stronger European Parliament with more responsibilities, roles, controls and since we can vote for our representatives and participate into the decisions taken in it, have a voice and say in the decisions?

A very important thing would be to be able to see what is being discussed in it. Rather being kept in the dark and rely on our national politicians who are most likely to blame their failings to EU. If you think about it, our governments and the bodies they form or nominate like the EU Council, or the EU Commission are the ones who control the EU at the moment, while the EP is weaker than it should.

So our governments fail us twice,one in national and one in European level. But unfortunately Europeans are not yet ready to accept that they belong in federal-like entity. Thus we are going politically in circles, always lingering somewhere in the middle and covering up our problems. When the solution is far more simpler.

We have created the EU and it has offered us so many benefits. But like all things, it must evolve to be ever successful. With a changing world and different circumstances in every decade so it also must change.

But what we are doing is patching things up, unwilling to allow the EU to evolve into what it was meant to be by its founding fathers. Nationalism, protectionism and conservatism prevails and the interests of the few political, industrial or financial elites of each country are being served. Not those of the citizens.

To conclude, for me if EU/Europe is to stay just a big market, I think I will oppose it. I want to have a say in Europe, as much I want to have a say in my national affairs. But if EU is to continue it's existence, and either we like it or not it will, then I do not want my country to be just a supermarket stall in this huge market.

I do not want my nation to be something that some speculators will advise investors of how much they  can make or lose  money out of it, which are the best countries to invest in and so on. I do not want my country to be treated as shares in the stock market, as it is at the moment.

I do not think EU is democratic at the moment, or that citizens have a real say in it. The point I am trying to make is that if EU continues to exist, I do not want it to be just about making profit, an open market, with no consideration of it's people and their needs or wishes. If we want to make EU democratic, we will have to support a stronger Euro-parliament. For us the ordinary citizens, there is no other option.

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