Tuesday, January 29, 2013

America's addictions are contagious!

Recently the World was shocked with the shooting incidents in the USA. A school in Connecticut state became from a place of learning to a place of death, when a young troubled man opened fire and killed 20 students and 6 teachers.

Since then a huge debate has grabbed the American nation, on the need to reform the law on the right to bear arms in their country. One of the proponents for the right to bear arms is the National Rifle Association and its political wing, the NRA Institute for Legislative Action. The NRA has been described as one of the largest and most powerful political special interest groups in the United States.

In America it is easier to buy a gun than certain kinds of medication, that in Europe and in the rest of the world can be sold in any pharmacy. Anyone has access to a riffle purchase and very few questions are asked. People are buying guns as easily I would buy a car over here in Europe. Is there any wonder then why so many shocking incidents are occurring in this country and nowhere else?

The lobbies that support such "right" are of course trying to protect the interests of a thriving industry. America is investing heavily in arms manufacturing as it does for its huge military expenses. If you invest so much in an industry, you better make it profitable to make the whole investment worth while.

But once you do that, then your economy is highly dependent on this industry. If you try to pass any legislation that will alter its importance then the whole economy must change to fill the gap. When millions are invested on this industry though, it is very hard to achieve without huge sacrifices: jobs cuts, protests from the newly unemployed and most importantly the "grilling" from the arms industry elites that will have their income reduced and their life long investment won't be as profitable.

Is it any wonder that America is investing so much in their military and to do that, they need to constantly be in a state of war with other regions? If you produce so many weapons and guns and your internal market is not able to absorb all of them, you need to export your "goods." Thus keeping some regions in a constant state of war is crucial, to make sure they are dependent on your exports.

And not just that. Invading other countries and maintaining a war there is also crucial, in order for one of your biggest industries to make more profits and thus helping your economy to grow. War is a profitable business, especially when your economy is relied on your arms industry.

And as one of your biggest industries is highly interconnected with another, it is very easy to brainwash your population to keep buying certain "goods." Just have a look at the American film industry, Hollywood and you will understand what I mean. Have you ever counted how many war and action films are being produced by Hollywood?

It is well known that the US Army and I am sure the American arms industry are heavily involved in the funding of such films. The reason is that of advertisement of course. Just watch any of the action films and you will see how many models of guns and other weaponry are being promoted and "advertised" subconsciously to the audience.

And if we add to the mix the various PC games that all you do is shoot other people, then it is not hard to create an idea on what is going wrong in the American society. Sadly it is not happening just in America anymore, but Europe is also dragged into it. The latest gaffe of Britain's Prince Harry, in which he compared shooting people in Afghanistan to a video game manifests that problem.

Thus the tragic incidents in Connecticut and throughout the US is just one side effect of the wrongs that the American economy and society are suffering from. Only this time it is the American people that suffer, not the Middle Eastern.

In order to make sure that such incidents never occur again in the US, the whole country needs to change mentality and of course the country's economy must be reformed. Which US President would be so daring, to stand up against the arms industry heavyweights and end their dominance in the American economy?

And by doing that he will save not just the lives of many innocent American civilians; but also many civilians of the world who have to face the consequences of America's foreign policies that favor wars, in order to support the country's arms industry. Theirs and of many other heavy industrialized nations like Britain, France, Russia, Sweden, Japan and Germany that all play a part in this circle of violence and injustice.

I wish to offer my sincere condolences to the families that lost their loved ones in all recent shooting incidents in America and elsewhere. Hopefully one day the American public will realize how their country's policies fail them and not just them, but many other regions in the world.